The company TUR SERVIS Ltd. from Cerknica was founded on 13th March 1995. During our first year, we continued the work of the YOUTH SERVICE, facilitating temporary and occasional work to high school and university students. In autumn of 1995, we opened a TRAVEL AGENCY at the Cerknica bus station, and created an offer of travel arrangements for tourists. At the same time, we started with projects in ADVERTISING. Today we provide billboards for the municipalities of Cerknica, Logatec, and Loška dolina. The company currently employs three people, who work at the travel agency and the Youth Service, as well as execute commercial, administrative and accounting tasks. Other duties are carried out by students and external contractors. We offer our services to buyers and subscribers in the wider Notranjska area.

Our Vision

TUR SERVIS aims to remain a small company and continue work in its three capacities:


We want to invest the greater part of our energy and capital into the field of TOURISM. We offer arrangements designed by other travel agencies, but have been developing our own programmes for DAY TRIPS and TRAVELS. At the same time, we aim to provide tourists with the best that NOTRANJSKA has to offer. NOTRANJSKA, the green heart of Slovenia, is a brand we wish to develop and market.